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    20 Facts About Tshepo Mogorosi

    1. Purist, minimalist
    2. I don’t like to read or write, only enjoy writing about something close to my heart
    3. Illustrator, Art Director and A big time Denim head
    4. Movie Enthusiast and Neighbourgoods Market goer
    5. A dreamer
    6. Car > Classic BMW 2002 coupe
    7. I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers, two nieces and 1 nephew.
    8. Water and Bundaberg
    9. Florsheim, Red wing and Gh Bass shoes
    10. I don’t drink hot beverages. I don’t eat chocolate and bacon or anything pork
    11. I love travelling
    12. My English name is Innocent
    13. Denham, G-star, Rising sun, Rogue Territory, Tellason and Endrime
    14. The big bang Theory, The 100, Game of thrones, Banshee
    15. Jazz, Neo-Soul, deep house, hip hop
    16. Favourite > Dj Stoks
    17. My mom is the number one lady in my life
    18. I was once a dancer.
    19. The pursuit of happiness and Training Day
    20. Favourite colour is blue


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    Be_Authentic, our aim is to grow the denim culture in South Africa because we felt that our country is disconnected from the rest of the world. We are also want to educate South Africa about the heritage of denim.

    We met Tom Summer on Instagram. When we first noticed his page, all we knew…

    Noclear mind

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    Rog and Bee

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    Test Shot: Andre Wagner

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    What better way to kick off August than with our bi-weekly Sales Compendium? Head to our site now to get a complete list of every raw denim & related menswear sale online. Pictured above is the Sassafras Gardener Jacket, on sale now at @inventorymagazine.

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    While their shoes were initially designed for hunters and farmers in 1905, today @redwingheritage stands as one of the most sought after brands amongst denim enthusiasts. Learn more about the history and inspiration behind the Minnesota shoe maker on our site today.

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    Shoe maker diaries on Sunday. Here we have got a pair of Red Wing Shoes 9016 Beckman in Cigar Featherstone resoled with the ‘Mitch sole’ created by Ger Wijsman and myself ;-) | http://ift.tt/180OFjM | http://ift.tt/1mXSA9r