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    On the scene… Men @ Toronto Fashion Week

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    We like to visit Bobby from Boston at his incredible storefront in the South End of Boston for good conversation and wardrobe inspiration. Our recent trip to his impeccable vintage warehouse in Lynn, MA took our admiration for Bobby to a new level. Stack Aly and Ouigi sported styles from our Vintage Pack while exploring the beautifully curated mecca of vintage-organized by garment type, style and theme.

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    PF FLYERS CHICAGO POP SHOP @sirandmadame || coverage by @trashhand || Hosted by The Bearded Man, @stackaly @pf_flyers. Stay tuned for full recap …

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    Yasiin Bey fka Mos Def 
    by John Midgley 

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    Norwegian Footwear Company Dundas.

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