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    What better way to kick off August than with our bi-weekly Sales Compendium? Head to our site now to get a complete list of every raw denim & related menswear sale online. Pictured above is the Sassafras Gardener Jacket, on sale now at @inventorymagazine.

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    While their shoes were initially designed for hunters and farmers in 1905, today @redwingheritage stands as one of the most sought after brands amongst denim enthusiasts. Learn more about the history and inspiration behind the Minnesota shoe maker on our site today.

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    Shoe maker diaries on Sunday. Here we have got a pair of Red Wing Shoes 9016 Beckman in Cigar Featherstone resoled with the ‘Mitch sole’ created by Ger Wijsman and myself ;-) | http://ift.tt/180OFjM | http://ift.tt/1mXSA9r

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    Friday by @zuzaphotographer #edwineurope #dickies #redwingheritage

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    Blog feature: Dark Stanton 9 months 0 washes. We also discuss the warp/weft construction of this denim, a common question we get. Photos by @honkonlong #rogueterritory #rgtfam #fadefriday @rawrdenim (at http://rogueterritory.com/blog/)

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    Today’s work load & finds: Half a day of hunting in New Jersey in preparation for an upcoming project. #18hourdays #vintage #thebkcircus #worldwarII #typography #horseblanket

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    Papa was a rolling stone …

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    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Here’s to you, Tshepo Mogorosi, young creative super star in the making who leaves home in Soweto at 4am each morning to catch a taxi to Jo’burg CBD. Resilient passionista who then catches a second taxi to Fourways, arriving at work at 6am sharp, every single day, looking even sharper. Walking sponge and inspirer of those around you, future leader of our industry, blessed with latent talent, incredible work ethic, attitude and a level of humility that is rare to find these day. You are an example of true empowerment, taking charge no matter what your situation and claiming your rightful place in this highly competitive game of life. Give that man a Be…etroot Juice!!

    I am faded. Thank you Pepe and Xolisa for giving me this opportunity. For Believing in us and providing an environment that could help us grow. I have respect for you guys #humbled

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